Make the change you desire in your life – however you define it, from wherever you are.

You can do this with our unique writing method, Write to Be Well™. We are on a mission to help you Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well.

We believe in you!

Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well.

You have the power to create a life of well-being no matter how broken you might feel now in mind, body and spirit.
You came into this world a complete human being, balanced in body, mind, and spirit; yet life experiences have weighed you down and left you feeling depleted.
You are an agent of change with the strength and resilience to right the course of your life with your actions and beliefs.
Working with your personal story and inner wisdom as revealed through your writing, you will find your direction and stay true to your course.

It’s Proven

Our Method Works! 

The WRITE TO BE WELL™ 4-step method brings you back into balance. It is a tool for you to learn, grow, make choices and make the change you desire! Our clients have achieved great success in the following areas!


Whether you want to proactively improve your physical, spiritual or mental health, or are dealing with a chronic disease or an acute condition, writing helps.


Writing empowers you be your own agent of change to do what’s important with your life.


We can write to get at the root of stress in our lives. If we don’t, stress might kill us – literally!

The Get Well Project is about Getting Well, Being Well & Staying Well in all aspects of your life

We empower you to use our Write to Be Well™ method. It is a simple tool to achieve the change you desire, whether about your health, life purpose or a combination of the two! 

We have a diverse mix of expertise and experience in coaching, consulting and counseling using writing for personal growth and wellness.

We continue to work with individuals as well as organizations large and small to help them achieve their desired outcomes. We uniquely understand how life circumstances, especially stressful ones, can affect your health, just as your health affects your life. Our goal is to help you bring your life into balance.

Find Your Path Forward

The Get Well Project helps individuals, groups and organizations define and achieve the change they need and want.


Empower yourself to Get Well, Be Well Stay Well through one-on-one or group coaching sessions.


Discover how we can help you increase productivity, improve leadership effectiveness and reduce costs for your organization.


Join us to jump-start using the method as a successful process for working through your concerns and achieving your goals.


Invite us to your next event or conference to see how our methods improve health, personal well-being and corporate wellness.

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