Apart but Together

Nov 25, 2020

So much is happening all around us. This has been the case for quite a while now this year, and it probably feels different for each of us. This of course depends on our individual circumstance; perceptions and the personal choices we make about how we look at things. No matter what, with the holidays looming we most likely wish we could feel that special tug of being together, in person, with loved ones in the familiar old way – perhaps with a BIG HUG.  But no, 2020 is different.

Thanksgiving news today includes COVID-19 alerts ‘cause the numbers keep rising – positive tests, deaths, hospitalizations, long haulers.  And the requirements are tightening.   Advice abounds in the media such as “How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Like an Epidemiologist.”  Hmmm.   This is probably part one of a multipart series on our upcoming holidays where we fill in the blank depending on what we celebrate: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and/or ushering in the New Year…. all the times of BEING TOGETHER that we were used to, but we are most likely being APART.   Apart could mean a virtual meal together, or masks and no hugs, or miles apart, or being alone.  No matter what or how we find ourselves this holiday season, the question is how we each find and feel the joy of being together – yet – be apart.

No surprise here what I am about to share! It’s about taking a few minutes, just 10-14 minutes each day to journal — scribble on paper or pound a keyboard or hit the record button on your device and say it out loud.  Just fill in the <blanks>  in response to these 4 easy prompts:

  1. The <holiday> situation I am facing is <_____>.  
  2. I feel <_____> because  <_____>.I want to feel  <__name what you want, what matters to you> this <season/week/day/moment>
  3. I choose to feel <__write down what you named above__> by doing <name what you are going to do>.
  4. Then, write down your affirmation and carry it with you each day.  It is key to help you focus on what matters most to you.

You can do this 10-to-14-minute writing exercise for the BIG HOLIDAY picture you are facing. Or, if you choose, you can focus on each day, or an event.  I think you get it.

Here’s what this looks like for me starting with the BIG view of the next 38-40 days; that gets me into 2021.

  1. This 2020 holiday season is like nothing I’ve experienced before.
  2. I feel sad because our usual traditions and events aren’t happening. I want to feel lighter, not so burdened with all the stress of our world, the pandemic, being apart from those I love in familiar ways.
  3. I choose to find joy in this season by reminding myself the only thing I CAN control is HOW I choose to look at it. 
  4. My affirmation is:   I am filled with joy and delight in the small things this holiday season.

Each day my affirmation will guide me and remind me. I plan to write it down and then will do a 10-to-14-minute journal session focused on the day before me.    Here’s my challenge – we are apart but together with this simple writing exercise. I hope you try it and find your affirmation supports you in experiencing YOUR holiday joy this season.  I wish you peace…..we are in this together!   Happy Holidays – however you affirm them to be!

Be Well, Diane