Employee health and stress management is a critical strategy for your organization’s success and employee engagement.

Optimizing Your Organization’s Health, Inside → Out!

Organizations today are faced with a myriad of challenges in a sea of change.

Uncertainty about the future, challenges with financial management, our changing world and economy to name a few.

No matter what, your people are the basic fabric of your organization and when they are stressed or dealing with challenges in life, so is their health and your organization’s delivery of its mission.

Employee wellness programs abound, often with a focus on habits and behaviors that will help your employees to live healthier lives. There can be plank challenges, weight loss programs, you name it. This is all good. But, without the clarity of really knowing the underlying values, a good reason WHY to make a change, and action plan with accountability to make it happen – many efforts fail.

Our consulting utilizes Write To Be Well™ as a rich structure for each individual, team and your organization. It provides the framework that complements wellness practices by getting at the root issues that stand in the way of employee health being achieved. This has proven to yield healthier employees, lower costs and increased productivity with your business.

Let us help you keep employee health costs down, improve moral, and increase your organization’s productivity by learning more about The Get Well Project’s approach to Getting Well, Being Well and Staying Well! We offer assessments, workshops, team and individual coaching combined with our consulting services tailored to your specific needs and goals

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