Learn the remarkable power of Write To Be Well™ to address your stress, improve your health and find your purpose.

Write To Be Well™

Write To Be Well™ workshops are for everyone who feels out of sync with life for whatever reason and is in search of a new direction or way of navigating their current world.

In a Write To Be Well™ workshop, you’ll learn how the four-step method will work for you. Whether you’re dealing with stress, a life change, a chronic or acute health condition, a desire to find more joy in life, or if you want to be more proactive and preventative with your health, this workshop will empower you to discover your next steps in four short weeks.


In a Write To Be Well™ workshop you’ll experience the power of translating your thoughts into words and language that are meaningful for you. When you name your thoughts, you gain power over them. You externalize the stressful emotions and find meaning in the experience. Writing stops the ruminations that can undermine happiness and health.


When you identify your values and link them to your future, you have the impetus to move toward a greater sense of well-being. Write To Be Well™ will help you frame your future so that it’s in line with what’s most important to you. Confidence in a better tomorrow is your driving force for change.

Take Action

It’s a proven fact that goals energize performance! When you write your goals and plans, it makes all the difference in achieving them. Goal-setting leads to action and improved self-esteem. People with written goals know where they’re going and how to get there.

Choose the Workshop Right for You!

Workshops will be held virtually on Zoom with shared materials and audio. Video participation is optional. Each session will feature a short lecture to present new material, an opportunity for discussion and Q&A’s. Most writing will be off-line in the privacy of your own space.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

For coaches, counselors and those in mental-health and other health-care fields who desire to become experienced Write To Be Well™ practitioners.

8 week sessions, 1 ½ hours



• Learn how the Write To Be Well™ method will help your clients uncover personal stress and trauma, identify what matters, set goals and take positive action to enhance their lives.

• Practice the writing techniques yourself under the guidance of a trained instructor.

• Learn the research behind the writing/health connection

• Have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions.

• Participate in a small group of no more than 6 participants

• Explore opportunities to join The Get Well Project!


I don’t like to write. How can I benefit from the workshop?

The Write To Be Well™ method does not require you to write in full sentences that are grammatically correct or properly punctuated. You can write in phrases, bulleted lists or stream of consciousness. Remember the writing is for your eyes only. You will be the only “critic” of your writing.

It is important though that you write. One of the proven benefits of writing is that it helps you put a name and words to your “situation” so you can address it. Without the language, there is a chance you will ruminate and never take action. Eventually, the “situation” may undermine your health and well-being.

Will I have to share what I’ve written with the group?
No, all writing is for your eyes only. You may be invited to share how you experience the writing process but your response and how much you reveal is totally optional. The workshop is designed to be a safe place for you to write what you want.
Will the writing take place during the workshop?
There may be one short writing period during the workshop. All other writing will take place outside of the session.
What’s a writing prompt?
A writing prompt is a suggestion to help you get started on your writing journey. It may be a partial sentence to complete, a challenging idea to write about or a list to create. Write To Be Well™ prompts are designed to move you from telling your story to taking action to meeting your goals.
How much time outside of the workshop will I need to devote to writing?
Each of the writing prompts you receive will generally take about 10-20 minutes. It’s up to you whether you write for longer or shorter periods of time. Some students choose to write to one prompt more than once because each time they write, they go deeper into their story.
“I cannot begin to tell you what a gift Write To Be Well™ is. I have just written out my action plan. Truthfully, I started the book because I thought it might help me navigate emotions with coronavirus. But it has done so much more. I am learning things about myself I have buried for many years. I look forward to journaling each day. Thank you.”
Linda S.
“The Write To Be Well workshop gave me an invaluable tool for life. By following the four step method, I was able to recognize and deal with some buried issues that I realize I had not laid to rest. I came away feeling very positive and will definitely use the tools I was given into the future.”
Barb G.