Four-Week Online
Write To Be Well™ Workshop

Beginning the third Tuesday of each month
Daytime session: 2 – 3:30 pm ET, or

Beginning the second Thursday of each month
Evening Session: 7 – 8:30 pm ET


Writing has been proven to boost emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. It supports people in coping with stressful situations, improves self-esteem and aids in overcoming obstacles.

Especially in these challenging times, we will guide you in developing a writing practice to ease your stress, gain clarity about what matters to you and take control of your situation.

This online workshop via ZOOM includes an overview of the Write To Be Well Method™, detailed instructions with each of the 4 simple steps, writing prompts, and helpful tips to make writing a lifestyle tool to help you Get Well Be Well and Stay Well.

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A Four-Week Webinar to Focus on Your Health

Wellness and writing are connected in ways we are only beginning to understand. Writing has been proven to boost to emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It supports people in coping with stressful situations, improves self-esteem and aids in overcoming obstacles. The physical effects of writing are shown to support a lower heart rate, improved blood glucose management and a boost to the immune system. This workshop presents an overview of the research behind writing and wellness and teaches Write To Be Well – a four-step method to support you in Getting Well, Being Well and Staying Well whether you are dealing with stress, a life change, a chronic or acute health condition, or want to be more proactive and preventative with your health!

The workshop will feature a combination of lecture, Q&A, and instruction in the Write to Be Well method introduced in Write Away Your Stress, Tame the Tension in Your Life, the revolutionary new book by Diane Hartingh Price and Susan Ives McCollum. As you will learn, writing for health and wellness is a personal journey. The writing you do, whether in bulleted format or complete sentences is for your eyes only. There is no need to be grammatically correct or to follow any particular form. The underlying goal of the writing is:

  1. To define what health and wellness mean to you
  2. To focus on your personal health or wellness issue
  3. To translate this issue into language that’s meaningful for you
  4. To organize your thoughts into action plans
  5. To support you in achieving your desired health goals

Join us in a meaningful dialogue to discuss how you can use writing to motivate and sustain the behavior change you want for a healthier YOU! Take the step now to register. A new class will be starting soon. (More details to come!)

The course will span four 45-60 minute sessions, including time for Q&A