The Write To Be Well Roadmap

May 28, 2020

“Cure people’s ills and make them healthy for a day.  Teach them to stay well and keep them healthy for a lifetime!” – Chinese Proverb

I often marvel at how the simple process of writing was my lifeline to good health. Over 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. At that moment, I saw my life fleeting before me. I pictured all the worst case diabetic scenarios: loss of eyesight, amputation, kidney failure, heart attack! Fortunately, I didn’t sit with that image for long. Instead, I picked up my pen and started writing. It was the first step in a wellness journey that has kept me focused on being well and staying well.

Write To Be Well™ has the power to take you on a similar journey to health and healing. Students of the Write To Be Well™ method learn that their experiences provide the fuel they need to jumpstart the process of change. In their own words, they tell their story, affirm a future of well-being, set goals and make the changes they desire.

We all aspire to a meaningful life, but we can get lost on the way. Stress, poor health, depression, world affairs, life in general can send you in a tailspin. It’s hard to get a handle on a course of action. Write To Be Well is like a roadmap; the 4-step writing method guides you, one step at a time, through a healing process that results in a lifetime of greater joy, positivity and purpose.

When you write, you put words to your experience, thoughts, ideas and feelings. The situation becomes concrete and you can begin to work with it. One of our students, troubled by negative behaviors, said when he wrote, he began to see patterns he wasn’t aware of before. He was able to confront his demons in a rational way and follow up with a positive life-affirming story to begin his process of change. He added, “by following the 4-step writing method, I was able to recognize and deal with some buried issues that I realize I had not laid to rest. I came away feeling very positive.”

Writing has the power to get under the surface of whatever it is that is troubling you! The telling and retelling of your story, peels away the layers like an onion until you reach your core truth. One practitioner said, “Write To Be Well is helping me express some deeper things that I’d not even known I was holding onto.”” Another said the writing released emotional baggage and brought her a sense of calm. Both now claim writing as a healing tool – one they’re adding to their arsenal of healthy practices, right up there alongside exercise and good nutrition.

Using writing in tandem with other healthy practices is a good idea. It’s proven that written goals are more powerful than spoken goals. Writing them down creates new neural pathways in your brain. Your brain remembers the goal, keeps you accountable to yourself and the direction you’ve chosen. Of course, a written goal can be changed and fine-tuned along the way. Write To Be Well provides the flexibility and scalability to get the job done!

Healthcare professionals also applaud the power of Write To Be Well. A therapist who advocates journaling for her clients, acknowledged that journaling often doesn’t get beyond an expression of feelings. She added, “The feelings are just the first step – the next one being what to do with that new awareness. It’s those next steps that make Write To Be Well stand out as a therapeutic tool.” A nurse who uses Write To Be Well commented on how stressed her patients feel when newly diagnosed with cancer. She said arranging appointments and deciding on appropriate treatments is overwhelming. She’s now recommending they use Write To Be Well to evaluate their physical and emotional issues associated with their diagnosis. She knows writing will help them sort through their emotions, treatment options and achieve good therapeutic outcomes.

The stories from people who find Write To Be Well helpful keep coming in! We invite you to try it too and let us know how it changes your life. We love hearing about your challenges and successes. We’re in this together!!